Breastfeeding Benefits

Research continues to prove the fast benefits of breast-feeding your baby!

  • Reduced rates of infection: Breast-feeding has been shown to reduce the rate of respiratory, ear, gastrointestinal, urinary track, and other infections in both infancy and childhood by at least 30 to 50%. Antibodies and other proteins from the mother prevents infection and strengthens their child’s immune system.
  • Provides supplant for enhanced cognitive development: Breast-feeding has been shown to improve childhood IQ, standardized test for reading mathematics and scholastic ability. These improvements are thought in part to be due to the specific fatty acids found only in breast-milk.
  • Prevention of allergies: Breast milk provides protection against development of allergies in those infant with a family history.
  • Other Benefits: New parents are often overwhelmed by the time commitment of breast-feeding a newborn baby. However, breast-feeding is an excellent way to escape the demands of cleaning sterilizing and preparing bottles.

Did you know that breast-milk is a dynamic substance which alters its consistency depending on both climate and your babies needs?

How long: Many benefits can be achieved within six months of exclusive breast-feeding. For this reason Health Canada recommend at least six months exclusive breast-feeding followed by the introduction of iron fortified solids. It is ideal to continue breast-feeding for the first two years and beyond, if possible, as many of the benefits are more marked with prolonged breast-feeding. However, should extended breast-feeding not be possible the benefits even a short time are evident.


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